Samaj Development Organization always focuses on provision of assistance to vulnerable communities to aware them about their basic rights. SDF aims to work for marginalized communities to contribute for Sustainable Development Goals set by United Nation.

SDF works on two basic approaches.

Community Engagement 

SDF works on the basis of Community Engagement model. SDF focuses on awareness and strengthening of local communities and institution at community level to enable them for the planning and execution of their own development and advocacy programs. SDF promotes accountability mechanism within the community organizations through capacity building, involving them in project implementation and participatory monitoring and evaluation. SDF builds the capacities of CBOs and marginalized groups particularly women and minorities to enable them to contribute in socio-economic and political development.

Networking and Coordination

SDF encourages linkages between communities and government line departments and other stakeholders to develop a strong relationship for sustainability.  Local communities have been trained and aware about the process to approach concerned government department to resolve their issues by their own efforts. People are well informed about their rights and being the citizen of Pakistan, how they can acquire their basic rights.

Similarly, SDF also emphasizes on providing information on basic rules and laws that a citizen must abide by to develop a prosperous society.

Sustainable Development Goals