Our Vision:

“A vibrant society, where all citizens live in peace & harmony and enjoy equal social, economic and political rights without any discrimination”

Our Mission:

Our Mission is strengthening the process of socio-economic development and empowerment of the deprived sections of the society at the grassroots level through transfer of Knowledge, mobilization, awareness, capacity building, advocacy and Networking without ethnic, political, religious or any other biases.

Our Objectives:

  • Promotion of democratic governance at micro and macro level

  • Empowerment of women at various levels, enhance the protection of women’s rights and reduce violence against women through advocacy initiatives

  • Capacity building of the community through seminars, workshops, trainings on different social and human right issues

  • Explore the possibilities of skill development education / training / projects such as Computer Applications, Commercial Tailoring, embroidery, marketing and other income generating schemes especially focusing women and minorities

  • Provision of primary healthcare facilities for women & children in rural areas and emphasizing on reduction in child mortality and improving maternal health

  • Promotion and provision of formal and non-formal education and social sector development in urban and rural areas

  • Emergency assistance to disaster prone communities during emergencies through rescue, relief, rehabilitation and development activities

  • Promotion of Peace and Harmony, equal rights, friendship & Solidarity